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“Public History Lives” Website Launches for History Camp 2019

Stan Prager is presenting at Pioneer Valley History Camp 2019 at Holyoke Community College (HCC) on July 27, 2019 and launching this website—Public History Lives—in History Camp logotandem with his presentation! “Go Public with Your History: Create Your Own Website!” is intended as a crash course in how to create your own history-based website to host and share your research, images, blog, podcasts and more. Stan Prager—who owns GoGeeks Computer Rescue and has a Master’s in History—specializes in the marriage of history and technology.  Stan’s presentation will demonstrate how a novice can create a free or low-cost web presence to highlight and share their work, as well as serve as an online portfolio for professional advancement.


Public History Lives

Since this website is serving as both a theme and a kind of tutorial for the presentation, it is fitting that it should be launched for public access on the very day that Pioneer Valley History Camp 2019 takes place.

history camp

For those who could not attend—as well as those who were there but would like to review the materials—click below for the PowerPoint slideshow Stan is utilizing at the presentation: